Day of Surgery

What is going to happen the day of surgery?

We would like to invite you to relax in our waiting room. Snack machines and soft drink machines are located outside the waiting room area down the main hallway. Telephones are available on the end tables in the lobby if you need to make an outside call. We do ask that if you need to use the phone please keep your conversation to a minimum. Also, please note that cellular phones must be placed on quiet mode past the waiting room in the patient care area. Cellular phones are not to be used in patient care areas. If you need to use your phone please step outside the patient care area. If you need anything else, please see the receptionist for assistance.

Arrival Time:

Your doctor’s office gives you an arrival time. Due to varying lengths of time needed to complete each surgery, your waiting time in the lobby area may be affected. If you are a patient and have not been called up to register within 15 minutes of your arrival, please check with the receptionist. If your family/friends have any questions they may direct them to the receptionist for assistance in providing feedback on progress reports from the Pre Op Area, Operating Room, or Recovery Room.

Day of Surgery:

It is normal for you to feel a little anxious today. That is why we want to let you know what to expect.

Pre-op: You will be escorted to the Pre-op area alone (unless you are a minor). The nurse will review your medical history, record vital signs, start an IV, give any pre-op medications, and prepare you for your surgery. The Anesthesiologist will interview you, answer your questions and prepare you for surgery. The entire Pre-op phase normally takes 45 minutes to an hour. Parents will be able to wait with their children. We do make an attempt to bring one (1) family member/friend back prior to you going in for your surgery/procedure, however, there are some situations when this is not possible.

Operating/Procedure Room: The OR nurse will take you from the Pre-Op area to the Operating/Procedure Room. The entire operating phase varies considerably depending on the procedure/surgery being performed. We ask that your family/friends stay in the waiting area if possible. All parents of minor children are required to stay in the waiting area.

Recovery: The recovery room nurse will monitor you from 30 minutes to 2 or more hours, depending on the surgery and the physician’s orders. The nurse will invite your family/friend back to recovery once you are ready to receive visitors.

Discharge: Once you have recovered enough to go home, the recovery nurse will go over a set of instructions with your family/friend for you to follow, including any prescriptions. Our goal is to make you and your family members or friends accompanying you as comfortable as possible during a stressful time. A nurse will attempt to call you the day following your surgery to check on you.

Family members and friends should remain in the waiting room. If your family/friends should need to leave the waiting room, please have the receptionist check with the nursing staff prior to them leaving.

We encourage your participation, if you have concerns about patient safety, please talk with any employee.

Thank you for choosing Cool Springs Surgery Center for your healthcare needs!