Registration Process

We look forward to your upcoming visit at Cool Springs Surgery Center. It is the policy of Cool Springs Surgery Center to notify you of the following information prior to your arrival at the Center on your day of service:

  1. Center policy regarding Advance Directives, including a description of applicable State health and safety laws:
    1. You have the right to make choices regarding life-sustaining treatment, including resuscitative measures.
    2. Cool Springs Surgery Center, where you are scheduled to have your procedure, wishes to notify you that if there is a need to transfer you to a hospital for additional care measures beyond what the ambulatory facility can provide, your care needs, including your Advance Directive/Living Will/Healthcare Proxy, will be honored at the receiving hospital upon your arrival.
    3. Cool Springs Surgery Center requests that if you have an Advance Directive/Living Will/Healthcare Proxy, please bring a copy with you so we may place it within your medical record.
    4. If you do not have an Advance Directive/Living Will/Healthcare Proxy, you may obtain more information, including instructions on how to complete one, at your State Authority of Advance Directives/Living Will/Healthcare Proxy.

Also, someone from the Center will attempt to contact you prior to your arrival at the Center to inform you of your financial responsibility. Our policy is to collect your expected financial responsibility on the date of surgery.

We hope you find your stay and the care you received at Cool Springs Surgery Center a pleasant experience. Thank you for choosing Cool Springs Surgery Center for your healthcare needs.